Краска для волос цвет бургон

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07.03.2017 Nicholas Bennett

Those hair dressers damaged their hair

05.03.2017 Dora Gómez

I m and have blue hair

03.03.2017 SpookyNeko

They should ve used a different tone of purple or added darker bits

02.03.2017 Валерия The game channel

I think they look beautiful

01.03.2017 Kyra Evans

I actually like the guys purple hair. . . Idk what everyone s talking about.

26.02.2017 Mary Brown

I clicked on the video and went to get water ft away from me and the vid was over. . . .

24.02.2017 Natasha Trimble

Guy with the purple hair actually hates it

21.02.2017 omg 33

What was the color on the guy with the beard

18.02.2017 cheara

Time. To. Dye. , me too

16.02.2017 Lillian Caillouet

I really want to die my hair, but i m scared of the possible damage. Also, i really wanna do auburn with frosty blue tips, but i feel like it s not the best thing to do when looking for a job. .

14.02.2017 Alyssa L

Their hair is going to be so fried.

11.02.2017 Ernest Hems His Way

The asian got screwed.

09.02.2017 Diabolical12

Omg i m so scared i have long hair and i m going to change it and dye it and make a major change. Pray that it will be ok

08.02.2017 BaneE

Is it only me or why tf does something about ryan in the thumbnail reminds me of sik k

07.02.2017 Sherlyn Maldonaod

Comment the ad u got

05.02.2017 Suzetastic

It said, time to dye i was laughing so hard anyone else

02.02.2017 Hillarious TV

My hair would totally be orange at the top then dark orange in the middle then a dark red at the end.

29.01.2017 Kylee Maggard

Why did they need sad backstorys. . . Why can t they just say i just wanna dye my hair

28.01.2017 Suha Kapadia

I wanna dye my hair but i am scared of the bleach

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