Bliss style краска для волос отзывы

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25.02.2017 Axle Gallardo

Thank you for my childhood mr. Jim carrey.

23.02.2017 sher lock

If he comes to ted talk once there will be joy

20.02.2017 Em Crone

What a great painting that is! ! ! Great speech!

19.02.2017 Phillip Beckman

Jim is hysterical awesome speech

16.02.2017 Ed Edd

Just love it

13.02.2017 Andrei Moga

This is all based on law of attraction

12.02.2017 Javier Lopez

I ve watched this speech like x i speak through comedy with my discomfort and the way he mix both comedy and motivation speaks to me

10.02.2017 saniya iskakova

I love jim carrey

07.02.2017 Kelly Bills

So many great phrases he made there. Damn. Dude s a genius.

06.02.2017 Misgates

I love you jim! And i am saying this with manly tears in my eyes! I am still swimming, i hope i will find my way out! Every word what you said touched me in all its way. Thank you!

04.02.2017 Megan Taylor


02.02.2017 Taylor Rozell

B e a utiful

01.02.2017 Victoria Rodriguez

I love you jim! !

29.01.2017 Dastan68Gad


27.01.2017 Gary Paleo

Wow. . .

25.01.2017 Evan sideris

Amazing how important the message about saving the unloved in life was. Tm is a sublime internal catalyst for infinite wellness. . . !

23.01.2017 AdrianArevalo68

Jim carrey has a special kind of lightness about him

20.01.2017 Mandeep Singh Ruprah

Remarkable. . . . . . .

18.01.2017 Bonnie Hundley

Wait, it s cuban pete! That painting is splashtastic. When they dim the lights! ? ! ? ! Woah. I love this along with his words that are spoken from a sincere heart. Everyone can relate and take something from what he has learned in life. He s now got a phd. Time for him to go all professor now, if anyone ever does that? He would be a great teacher. He s clearly very contemplative, observant, and i guess he s been tortured by the same human questions some people ask themselves over and over again to supply meaning, purpose, and explanation to this life.

17.01.2017 Dana Iti

Jim carrey makes me happy.

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