Отзывы маска для волос kerastase maskeratine

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06.05.2017 maryanna dennison

Your makeup up looks great in this video x

05.05.2017 Danielle A

Cute tattooz! Your adorbs!

03.05.2017 Andrea Yepez

I love the spray! I got the in salon treatment done and i feel that my hair was too course and thick for it to work on my hair i didn t really feel a difference other then it taming the frizz a little

01.05.2017 Andrea Yepez

I do have hair like yours. What shampoo and conditioner would you recommend other than the discipline line from kerestase?

30.04.2017 Betty Gonzalez

Hey where can i buy kerastase product im a hair stylist.

28.04.2017 Betty Gonzalez

And by the wayy i loveer all your videos i just keep watching them over and over i love reviews on hair care

25.04.2017 Stefanie Blanche

Your hair looks really beautiful, really shiny and smooth! I can totally relate to you! I have fine, really frizzy, dry, curly hair it is so difficult to find good anti frizz smoothing products that actually work great! Would you either recommend to buy the fluidessime and the keratine thermique together or is it enough to buy only one of those two products? On a budget, which of those two would you recommend more?

23.04.2017 anibahs

I totally understand how you feel. . . My hair is exactly the same. This video was so informative. Thanks for your effort!

22.04.2017 Katia Kuhnhausen

What is the exactlydescription for the mask salon n ? I couldn t find it.

19.04.2017 AlliGlow

Katia kuhnhauseni think you re asking about the mask soin n . It is a mask that s meant to be used in salon only as a part of the discipline in salon treatment the luxury of time ritual along with the soin n . The soin n is a heat activated hair taming treatment. It helps restore inner fiber flexibility and smooths the hair. It is not the same as the maskeratine, which is a retail product, a mask that is part of the discipline line that can be used in salon or at home. They have completely different formulas, so they shouldn t be used in place of one another. Hope this helped!

17.04.2017 Noren Bhulji

Hi! This video was great extremely informative! Thanks! I ve been a great fan of kerastase but i m not too sure if their products still suit my hair because my hair has been quiet dry lately! I started off with moroccan oil then moved on kerastase elixir beginning of last year orange bottle and it did wonders. My hair started drying up this year and a hairstylist recommended that i use a different shampoo apparently using the same shampoo for a long period affects the hair? . I decided to use the kerastase bain de force green bottle. My hair is still dry and i haven t seen any changes. I have curly hair. . . Used to be smooth and moisturised and i ve been trying to find the right shampoo to get my hair back. Would you recommend the discipline? I like the fact that it s anti freeze that might help moisturise my hair? I ve never coloured my hair so i m not sure whether to purchasr the sulphur free one or not. Thanks so much for the video! X

15.04.2017 babling bellocapello Estilistas

Muy original tu video. Me encanta. Felicidades. Http youtu. Be asho wwyswu

13.04.2017 Christina J

Thank you. I have wavy and frizzy hair myself. Thinkthe in salon treatment may helps. I just like to knowhow long the smoothing frizz free result last if maintained with the whole set of home care.

11.04.2017 Healthy Shay

Hey, great video definitely subscribing.

08.04.2017 jennifer valle

Thank you sooooo much for this review! ! I really want to buy the keratin thermique milk. Idk why i thought it didn t have heat protectant but now that you said it does i m definitely getting it . Is this line only for ppl with curly hair to help smooth their hair down? My hair is naturally straight but i love using keratin leave ins. Can i still use the keratin thermique on my straight hair when it s toweled dry? Please help.

06.04.2017 angel moon

I have bought the mask of this line and i regret it. . Because of the ingredients list. . It was full of silicones and even parabens! As a mask it was ok with a rosy scent but no, thanks

04.04.2017 Guillaume Tell

Do you lift? I mean weights or have you been gymnast or something?

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