Sunsilk крем для волос купить в спб

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11.09.2017 Inthava Khamsyvoravong

What is the name of that hair tool you use?

08.09.2017 Keltoum Jwz

I clicked on the link in your instagram bio to look what the price is but i can t see it. Can u help me i don t know how to see it.

06.09.2017 Chata P

I can t find your page on facebook. What hapen?

05.09.2017 Deandra Johnson

I have a question. I love bouncecurl by the way! I notice u kinda have a part in ur hair but by the end u can t really see it. U can flip it anyway u want and it looks great. How do u do that? I ll part my hair in the middle usually so i can comb my hair straight down and not back but then i m never able to get rid of it and i hate the fixed part look.

02.09.2017 arshi pathan

I think. . Your hair are naturaly curly like this. . Without bounce curl use. .

01.09.2017 Jureide Almeida

Aonde posso encontrar esse creme.

30.08.2017 Carolainr Pinheiro

Onde encontro esse creme. Me diz

28.08.2017 Jennifer Ortiz

I wanna, i would like to prove, but i think, to buy it for people outside usa it s so expensive. Normally i use giorgi products and my curl isn t good. Pls can you tell me if on spain can be to buy

27.08.2017 onix

What shampoo do you use and can u use any gel

25.08.2017 Carolina Godoy farias

I really like your hear, i want to know what products you use in this video. To bounce curl others

23.08.2017 Inès Timable

Je voudrais savoir si sa marche sur n importe quel type de cheveux


Is this for style or to grow hair? ? ?


I am little confused. Is that good treatment for hair fall? ?

16.08.2017 imadoki 13

You make me want curly hair

14.08.2017 Melinda Morales

Does product make your hair hard like other gels do?

13.08.2017 Young Nash 4L

Defuse with cold or hot air?

10.08.2017 Ti Na

Where can i buy this?

08.08.2017 April Nicole

What do you wash your hair with before applying the gel?

07.08.2017 Leticia Priscila

Hello, i want to buy this product, i live in brazil

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