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08.03.2017 Giulia Pompermaier

I really love grey hair

07.03.2017 shaywhatt

My first time dying my hair grey i used ion by sally beauty and it did nothing to my hair at all, i wish i could have got my hands on some pravana. Dying your hair by yourself at home is always trial and error. Your hair looks great though! Hope you keep it for a while

05.03.2017 olivia palito

So beautiful, think i might try! !

04.03.2017 Adorkable Chick1234

Your hair is literally gorgeous!

02.03.2017 Ditte Hallenberg

How did you get the hair color you had just before you started dying it silver?

01.03.2017 Michelle Alegria

Definitely trying this right now. Love the way it looks! ! Do you just rinse your hair after or use shampoo and conditioner as well? Ty

26.02.2017 Ronda Herrmann

Just wanted to say thank you for your awesome video. Did my hair and it turned out beautiful, so thank you again.

23.02.2017 Ofri Hemo

Adding conditioner will make the color lighter?

20.02.2017 Sam

Do u have to let the dye sit after your head is covered in it

18.02.2017 Sam

And for how long

17.02.2017 Sam

Thanks but i bleached my hair and dyed it without mixing the developer and i m re doing it today. Do i need to re bleach or just put the dye in

14.02.2017 Ruthie Another Weight Loss Journey

Where can i buy the dye from

13.02.2017 Rocel Lomeda

How about if my hair is a bit orange after bleaching? Should i bleach it again?

11.02.2017 mww92297

What did you use to get the color from before dyeing? The before color was lovely lol

10.02.2017 Rara D.

You are so mellow and calming great explination. Very cute too lol

07.02.2017 daysha capps

Did u use toner?

04.02.2017 D Lange

Hello! I have this biggg question! Yesterday i dyed my hair a gunmetal grey, its a permanent dye which means i had to mix it with developer. . . I dyed it over my already bleached hair. . . The case is that. . . When i bleached it to a light blonde, i immediately dyed it a fuscia pink. . . . And i waited a lot for it to fade out. And it only turned a light orange almost pastel pink. . . . I couldnt wait any longer so i dyed it to the darkest gray i could find. . . So the final results of this was a slightly dark violet or purple. . . I dont see it gray anywhere. Idk if this is normal or if its going to fade out into the dark gray. . . . . If not, what do you think i should do in order to really make it dark gray on top of the violet? ? ? Pleaseee help

02.02.2017 alisia Nava

I love your hair color! ! !

30.01.2017 Lyric Rawiri josephs

I have dark brown hair. Should i bleach my hair first?

29.01.2017 ShinyLipsTv

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