Можно и смешивать кокосовое масло для волос

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04.08.2017 Yeon Arina

Dry or wet hair

03.08.2017 Mike's unboxing, reviews and how to

Thanks for the advice. Kath

01.08.2017 AZHAR BIN AHMAD -

I love castor and coconut oil because it can grow hair

29.07.2017 Blessed Indeed!

Do not microwave your oils instead put it in a small bowl then place that bowl into the hot water and let it liqiify while preserving all through it all

27.07.2017 Joaquim Rodrigues

You wont pass my mothers test in the kitchen. You are messy. . . Seeing you rub the coconut oil against the bottle. Means mum wont let me marry you luv.

25.07.2017 Joaquim Rodrigues

How many times in a week luv?

23.07.2017 Clyde Wales

More scientific studies and research have now shown that coconut oil not only burns stubborn abdominal fat check details here https plus. Google. Com u posts nswqz jwsrp ! , but it also improves metabolic markers and helps you to lose weight.

22.07.2017 ScarsdaleNewYork

Seconds in a microwave won t do any harm. . . Another fake global warming kind of harmful rumor

19.07.2017 Aaisha gour

How to get smooth silky hair?

17.07.2017 Aaisha gour

How many times in a week can i use it?

16.07.2017 Saifali Khan

I love you. . . . . . . . . .

15.07.2017 x Buni

Would i need to wash my hair and get it to dry first before applying?

12.07.2017 Gail Talbert-Bell

Good luck to all who try this

11.07.2017 Adlisa Abdullah

Hi. . Did anyone use this and got positive results? Thanks! !

10.07.2017 Ayden Sumerall

That coconut oil does not work well. The lou ana coconut oil works better.

07.07.2017 Kyra Land

You re all kim kardashian from your side profiles!

05.07.2017 Aroosa Rashi

Castor makes hair sticky

02.07.2017 Ace Carter Videos V2

Okay, damn all of these comments are don t put it in the microwave. Shut up. She did everything else right chill on her. Put your shit in tour bowl and stop talking about it damn.

30.06.2017 Alterjunkie

Does this work for breaking hair?

29.06.2017 Golden Rule

How often should one use this ll?

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