Расшифровка краски для волос капус

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23.02.2017 Hunter Garlington

My gosh! Could she have a worse voice? And she s reading so slowwwww. I hate english literature!

21.02.2017 chrisdabeard30

In older incarnations of english, the word ejaculation was used to convey an exclaimation, mainly to express profanity or interjection. If you ve ever read any of the sherlock holmes books, watson is often described as ejaculatiing his astonishment and amazment at holmes conclusions, while work a case. It s still funny to read, though hope this helps.

19.02.2017 83enz

Oh my god, i don t like this reading, how annoying and boring it is! !

16.02.2017 Sara May Animation

Thank you! ! ! I woud never been able to finish the book without this. I m a really slow reader. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

14.02.2017 01Lila10

Ahahhaha loool we cracked up about this last year when we did wh in lit

11.02.2017 remedios buendia


10.02.2017 kolya buharov

Thank much for this reading it make better to know english

08.02.2017 Hex

I like the book but i hate the voice of the girl who reads this. After minutes i couldnt take it anymore so i just read the book again on my own.

05.02.2017 emily bryyson

There was no warmth to heathcliff either. H cliff was like a woman going thru her time but worse! Lol i think she s doing quite well. She probably reminds you of your ma s emotional state when she s telling you to go pick a switch, i m gonna whip you into next week kind of attitude. That s what she reminds me of. I always thought h cliff s wife should ve told the story instead of a visitor or maid b c the wife victim was deeply bitter needed an outlet even got the shaft from the e. Bronte. Sad.

03.02.2017 sonny coulthard

Who cares about this school has a reason

01.02.2017 Hollandia777

. . . Wuthering heights is the name of mr. Heathcliff s dweling. . . .

30.01.2017 ryanto aris


28.01.2017 wilson au

Marvellous, this texture should come to me years ago, because this book was the syeleabus of english literature of school certificate of an open ex. In hong kong on those days.

26.01.2017 GEMUS1

I believe there is no warmth in the reading because that is reflective of the contents of the book. Heathcliff is not a warm, friendly person. Condescending and annoying is descriptive of heathcliff.

24.01.2017 md yousuf


23.01.2017 TrollOfReason

Wait, wuthering heights is a real thing? I thought, all these decades, that it was just a made up book from monty python! I feel like such a philistine now. . .

21.01.2017 Mary Ana

Yeah, it may just be the romantic in my but i couldn t help falling in love him in the novel but i realise that s only because he s a character and not real. . . If he was real then it would be a totally different matter

19.01.2017 Alex Reid

This is a great way to relax on the couch and just take in the book. Thanks!

16.01.2017 The Book Fox

Oh, honors english. How you torture me.

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