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08.03.2017 TheHeebieGeebie

Looks reeeeeally good!

05.03.2017 beautydarlings

Gorgeous hair! !

04.03.2017 DebbiAnn2

You look amazing!

01.03.2017 Charlie Simmons

I want to go to your stylist . She s amazing! I love watching this. She moves so fast! You look great miss lisa!

28.02.2017 Shayne Khan

Thank you for the video could you tell us the name of the product that she said protected from uv rays? ? I couldn t hear the name

26.02.2017 wendy Simmons

I absolutely love your hair salon vlogs! And your hair is fabulous! ! The perfect length and color! Thank you for sharing

23.02.2017 vencedora 123

Your skin looks amazing tooooo! ! ! You need to do a video where you actually do the night and day skincare tutorial. I m visual amazing hair

21.02.2017 levi0596

It came out pretty. This for taking us along.

20.02.2017 Julie Swahn

She did a sensational job. . I nearly nod off while she is doing the entire process. . So relaxing to watch. Seriously, though, you look so gorgeous, so glamourous! When she is poofing out your hair at the end. Your lashes look right with that type of hair feel and you have the most graceful neck, dear lisa. Goodness gracious, i must puff you up a little with my noticing these things lol! But i speak the truth. . Loved the video. X

19.02.2017 Diana Jean

Lisa your hair is gorgeous! How would you or perhaps your stylist describe your cut color so that i can describe it to my stylist? It s the easy style shade of blonde i ve been looking for!

18.02.2017 Westminster Drive

That was fun to watch lisa. . . Thanks for sharing.

16.02.2017 Molly Lathrop

Morgan rocks! She s so edgy and cute too

14.02.2017 Danny Halling

Look fabulous

12.02.2017 Linda McAndrew

Lisa, your hairstylist does fabulous work! Love her technique! Wish i could see her but, not doable i live in california. Does morgan know of any stylist in la jolla, or that area who cut and style similar what she does? I see a stylist in la jolla but she continues to layer my hair in a way that i m not liking. . . Help! Lol

11.02.2017 Linda McAndrew

Yes, please! Love to see video of your stylist cutting your hair, please!

09.02.2017 MsLovin2010

Beautiful hair color and style.

06.02.2017 Sheila M


03.02.2017 ligar123

Where is this salon located at

02.02.2017 TAMMY TURNER

Your hair looks great. I very much enjoyed watching your stylist. I always learn something when watching a professional do blow outs.

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