Том 10 масел для волос

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11.09.2017 Azaan Shaikh

You guys should try a oil called al shaafi hair oil. It is a very nice oil and for a cheap price. You can buy it on ebay, amazon, etsy, etc. It s a good product and there is a day money back guarantee if you don t like it. It feels nice and cool and your head and comes right off after you take a shower. Try it.

09.09.2017 reshma reshu

Where can i get all these types of oils? ?

07.09.2017 Kelp Me

Will sweet olive oil work?

05.09.2017 Gladys Zach

Hi everyone, if anyone else wants to uncover natural african hair growth try niposcu healthy hair adviser search on google ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend got great success with it.

03.09.2017 TheGaming Lad

By using olive oil will new hair grow? ? Pls reply me

01.09.2017 Behlul Zaar

Shampoo s don t treat hair loss but using natural products such as argan oil really make a difference in the strength, shine and health of hair. So when your hair eventually does grow out then it ll look a lot better and won t fall out as. You may visit argan life products website.

30.08.2017 Sunita Singh

Did u forget mustard oil? ? ? ? ?

29.08.2017 pamela forte

Like the instrumental music. What is the name and who is the musician.

26.08.2017 Fu 2!

But but but what about carrot oil and emu oil?

25.08.2017 Kimberly Blair

I use most of these mix together and it works!

24.08.2017 chervine byers

I guess iam doing everything right pertaining to my hair because these are all the oils i use on a weekly basis. I also add cedarwood oil and carrot oil to my mix

22.08.2017 Matthew Saliba

Hey friends. . Maxelder shampoo ar g a n oil we b site is w. . . Nyarganoil . . . C is an amazing product that i have been using for just about a year now. My hair has become fuller and thicker. . . . M y barber is amazed as well a n d is using it himself.

21.08.2017 Nina Khaled

Hi thanks for your great information but may i ask you can we mix it and how amounts i have also grape seed oil. I heard about hot and cold oil and we cant mix hot togezer

19.08.2017 Satanism is Cancer

I used to use different oils on my hair. And had beautiful, shiny, and strong long hair. I kept getting it cut and began to treat it like shit. And now it looks horrid. I need to bring these back to it. And help oit, like i used to in high school. I m not even that old yet, but i feel like shit, because i lack it.

18.08.2017 Asad Umer

Costor oil is best way for thickn hair i use it


Argon oil? ? ? ? ?

14.08.2017 Jash D

What about immortals oil?

12.08.2017 April Cummind

Can all these oils be mixed together for a hair tonic?

10.08.2017 Ekta Dave

I made herbal oil at home with curry leavs, hibiscus, meethi daana, amla all dried ingredients mix in coconut oil. Can we add castor oil and mustard oil with these coconut oil

08.08.2017 ryguy2fresh

You forgot one of the most important powerful ones though. . . Mustard seed oil. . . Started using this treatment, and with in the first week i started seeing positive results.

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