Лосьон для волос ревлон

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20.04.2017 LamaPalmer

I bough this the other day and i didn t feel like it did a very good job. My nose area was the worst it slipped off despite using a primer that s never let me down before. Maybe it s me, any tips on how everyone else applies it?

17.04.2017 Kaylene Sandoval

They have warm and cool tones now, just not for every shade

14.04.2017 Got7 Twice Day6 JypNation

Can it be mix with some moisturiser? I ve tried mixing it before and it looks weird. Anyone else?

13.04.2017 Nadine Krakowitzer

I ve tried loads of different foundations from drug store to high end and i always come back to the revlon colorstay. It does not break me out an last quit long. Using this foundation with the smashbox photo finish oil free primer is magic! ! Beats all other foundations i ve tried hands down!

10.04.2017 Starry Lcve

Everyone says this oxidises but for me it doesn t it gets slightly lighter throughout the dry which i don t mind because my shade is a tinyyyyy bit too dark but overall amaaaazing foundation

08.04.2017 shruthi ba

Which undertone does this foundations have

07.04.2017 christina finas

For this video, did u apply powder finition especially when it s hot on it, because, i, i really can t except for the blush and highlighter the balm ! Thank u

05.04.2017 Danielle Jimenez

Why does this foundation look cakey, powdery, patchy and not last long on me? ! And i have oily skin and use a primer!

03.04.2017 Mariah Ramos

This was my holy grail foundation for summer haven t used it in ages. I got more paler and i have strong yellow undertones as well so hopefully i ll find my closest shade.

02.04.2017 Haley Marie

I love this foundation!

30.03.2017 Agathe Ether anything that could help stomach pain

Does it cause acne breakouts. That is my problem i get breakout after applying most foundation.

29.03.2017 TheFrecklish

How do you stay alive in degrees? ? ? I die at . . .

26.03.2017 Danishta Khan

I hav a combinatn akin. . It gets sticky aftr smtym. . N caky smtyms

24.03.2017 Fahmida aporna

Is revlon photoready airbrush effect foundation good for oily skin? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

22.03.2017 Diradi _27

I ve tried so many foundations and finally thanks to your recommendation i have found one that works. Now, i have to mix two to get my color but i can t complain.

20.03.2017 mizkayzee

This is my holy grail foundation. . . Ive tried soooo many and keep coming back to this

17.03.2017 ONardia Sharpe

It normally break away from under my nose

16.03.2017 Clara Liu

I loved how this looked on me and how long it lasted but it broke me out so sad

14.03.2017 Aemon Satti

I ve noticed that my skin feels suffocated when i use this one. Idk why

12.03.2017 Hajar Elhossiny

I want to know your full make up video with revlon colorsaty foundation cause i have been using it fir years but i can t have a great coverage or keep it on place more than hours pleawe

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