Масла для волос цимус

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10.09.2017 Colleen McBride

Thank you for this very informative video. I do have a question. Will this method work on european hair?

08.09.2017 Midnight London

I like your hair

05.09.2017 Dominique Jones

How long would you recommend leaving that style in?

04.09.2017 Charlene Quick

Love all your videos and would like to know if you have a shop

03.09.2017 Wendy Gabriel

Hermoso trabajo

31.08.2017 Wendy Gabriel

Hermoso trabajo

30.08.2017 OurBest ForHisPraise

Thank you so much for your patience in your teaching, how you are clear and precise, i have tried to do this and have found some struggles. I am going to order some of your vids as i believe i can learn this process. The music is quiet enough that i can hear you. You have good video quality. I am so happy that i found you. Where have you been? Thanks

28.08.2017 K Supastarr

Do you have to sew all bundles in circles or can you just do it at the top?

26.08.2017 Jakeria Mitchell

You explained this so well. Very professional and informative!

24.08.2017 Octavia Cordy

Gurl you a pro.

23.08.2017 Esthy Anaz

How did u braid it

20.08.2017 Alezia Bobah

I love this hairstyle! ! You re a very talented and amazing tutor! Thanks very much. Omg! ! Did you just take the hair down already? ? ?

18.08.2017 Anonymous Ok

Omg did u just do your hair took it off the same day? ! Smfh

16.08.2017 elizabeth meeks

I thought she was cutting her eyebrow off

13.08.2017 Lorraine Wade

You are the best teacher on youtube

12.08.2017 BiBi. S

J aime tes tuto pas ce tu explique bien

09.08.2017 C.A. M

And am stighting my wig the same way like your.

06.08.2017 pricy girl

I love the way ur teaching so simple and easy. Thanks

03.08.2017 Midou Michaud

I couldn t do step . She did it so nice just to take it down. Ughhhhh lol

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