Игора краска для волос 777 фото

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15.09.2017 AkosiSushmita

You have the prettiest gray hair!

13.09.2017 Amber Mcadams

Where the colors mixed together and then applied? Can u explain the process a little more

11.09.2017 Elvin Erika

Omg may i know what s the colour that you choose for your hair? ? I wanna dye my hair like yours

09.09.2017 M shipman

Too much talking

06.09.2017 Yolanda

I want this hair color

04.09.2017 Sa-sha Sarah

Your eyebrows are a total goals! Are those bleached or nopt? Can you make a tutorial on your eyebrow?

03.09.2017 Mina-P

I m so jelly

01.09.2017 Kenzi Daniel

Where can i purchase those products? Sally s?

30.08.2017 Claire Carlos

Hi! I know this is a pretty old video, but i m about to have my hair dyed silver in a few days, and i d to i ask. . . What products do you use to match your brows to gray as well? Or did you have them dyed as well. . . ?

27.08.2017 yos tabat

I have tried almost x of coloring my hair gray but it didn t work out to the way i want it to be it became very dry now unhealthy my big mistake i know

25.08.2017 Lia H.

Aaaahw i love your eyebrows

24.08.2017 Kim Jessica

Where do u go for your hair? Can i have salon s name? ?

22.08.2017 Max Enlund

I love love love love your hair! And you re so gorgeous! Your make up shading shows off a bit, but it does not make you any less pretty! Not trying to be mean, not sure if you ve meant it that way, just an observation you helped me a lot with my silver hair, thank you for that, i will love you forever for it

20.08.2017 Shay Anderson

This is the color i want soooo badly

18.08.2017 Jimmy Coco

I love everything on you. What color and brand of lipstick you used?

16.08.2017 kylie Snow Rose

I love ur color hair

14.08.2017 OhmyGodric

Wow! You look like a perfect porcelain doll.

11.08.2017 horry kanoi

The hairstylist is cool

09.08.2017 Danielle Nielson

Link to the product you use instead of conditioner?

07.08.2017 Marie Genelli Bilog

What the exact color of gray? Ill try it to my hair. . Thank you

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