Маска для волос kerastase resistance отзывы

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28.08.2017 Eugenia Lung

I need to try this, maybe it will my ends super soft again!

25.08.2017 Cassie Tari

Your hair looks amazing! I m definitely going to have to try this!

23.08.2017 MargauxAndSarah

Nice video it would mean the world to us if you checked out our channel and maybe subscribed to us we re so close to subs! ! Thank you!

22.08.2017 This Jenn Girl Blog

Your hair looks so silky in this video clearly it s working!

19.08.2017 Berry Beautiful

I like that the shampoo is so thick! Definitely want to try it now.

18.08.2017 Lynsey Attwood

Your hair looks fantastic!

15.08.2017 Paula Banducci

Thank you so much! I m gonna try it

14.08.2017 Michaela Novakova

Shall i ask you what is your opinion about the mask and the serum from the same line? I m worried that the mask could be too strong. Your hair are sooo beautiful but mostly because you have very few high lights. I m really having over proceesed hair

11.08.2017 Marcella Prestes

Wow, thanks darling. . Im gona try faaaaaast! ! Love your hair

09.08.2017 toxic tongue

I agree. I have been using these exact two products for a week now, and am amazed about how my normally brittle, dry and fine hair, has changed. It s silky, soft, shiny and feels amazing. The product is pretty expensive here in france, but the results are amazing. And if you use the shampoo, you really only need a tiny bit. It lathers like crazy! ! I am glad you mentioned the beautiful smell of those products! ! Everybody with brittle, broken, thin and damaged hair should give it a try! ! It s fabulous! ! !

08.08.2017 hunterdunter1

Do you know if this is loaded with protein?

06.08.2017 Gulriz White

You have beautiful hands

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