Возьмет ли светлая тоника темные волосы

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14.02.2017 Aeolianshredhead

Steak! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

13.02.2017 Dursun Mavlyudov

It is amayzing

11.02.2017 Ailton Ramos

Marvelous, thanks

09.02.2017 Diana Moreno

Oh shut up. . What intolerance and stupidity. . .

07.02.2017 BlueTrees

Slow clap end

05.02.2017 Jose Nieto

Please hire morgan freeman!

04.02.2017 Katrina Cusi

I wish i could be romeo anf juliet

01.02.2017 Phillip Salvador Palmos

Do you have any suggestions? I need it for a play i am preparing for. Thanks!

31.01.2017 rmstoutonutube

Sad about the negative comments so it s not the greatest reading, so move on. I am appreciative that some one has provided this free resource.

29.01.2017 Imre Pető

I prefer theater. It s made for the stage.

26.01.2017 Morell321

I teach th grade english to students with learning disabilities, this is sooooooo helpful thank you

25.01.2017 ThatPerson

I used this for my english assignment. . . Thankyou! I give credit to this video d great book. I want to read hamlet next

23.01.2017 MelyArcady

Why the hell is this being read by americans

21.01.2017 Ronin

Thanks so much this helped a lot

18.01.2017 Sarah Hankins

Paris voice. . . .

16.01.2017 carefulcarpenter

Romeo and juliet was inspired by a relationship between my th great grandfather thomas thynne and his first wife maria touche. Mary sidney herbert first folio was my th great grandmother.

13.01.2017 Thelonious Coltrane

The best audiobook with synchronized text in the world!

11.01.2017 Jozsef Stankoczy

Nagyon gyenge a narrtori szveg.

10.01.2017 D Marcon

It was awesome to read romeo and juliet while listening to such an amazing dramatic reading. Many, many thanks!

08.01.2017 Mikaela Mirabal

Why is it that juliet is so young?

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